What is 24/7 Billing?

24/7 Billing is a free to download credit card processing app for smartphones that provides an easy solution for sole traders and small businesses to get paid fast, by anyone, from anywhere.
Our app provides a simple, secure, cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses in Australia who want to grow their business but might not be acceptable to traditional banks.

How do I use 24/7?

Simply download the 24/7 Billing app for free from the Google or Apple app store and spend a few minutes filling out our easy guided sign-up. We’ll let you know as soon as you’ve been approved (upto 24 hours) and are ready to process your first transaction.
When you’re ready to receive your first payment, simply navigate to the dashboard and select ‘New Payment’. Type in the amount, then either manually input or upload a photo of the customer’s credit card, ensuring you correctly enter in the card details and the customer’s phone number.
After submitting the information, hit the Send SMS or QR Code button to send an anti-fraud approval link to the customer. You will receive a confirmation after the customer approves the

How much does 24/7 cost to use?

The 24/7 app is a FREE download. There are NO setup or ongoing fees, NO minimum transactions, or limits on amounts like the traditional banks.
A Transaction Fee of 3.95% is charged when a transaction is generated.
A “Merchant Indemnity Fee” which, like an insurance policy, indemnifies both you (the merchant) and 24/7 against fraud and disputed charges is also charged per transaction. This fee ranges between 0%-2.95% per annum and is determined at the time of your application based on a series of criteria and adjusted during the first 3 months of your usage, taking into account the frequncy, size and risk of each transaction as determined by 24/7’s anti-fraud systems.
At the time of charge and prior to processing, you will be told what the fee is and you will be given a choice as to who pays. You may choose to absorb the fee into your payment or add it to the total as a surcharge and have it paid by your customer.

How long does it take for a payment to arrive in my bank account?

Deposits are made daily on a two-day rolling basis. What that means is, for example, if you take a payment on Monday, you will receive that payment in your bank account on Wednesday. The reason 24/7 holds your payment for a period of up to 48 hours is to ensure you are protected against chargebacks and fraudulent payments.

Is 24/7 Billing safe?

Yes! We are a global company with registrations in Australia. We work through established banks and corporations to facilitate KYC (Know Your Customer) scans for our merchants and their customers to help reduce fraud.
Your privacy and security is our priority, and we have adopted an approach that reflects the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), ensuring your personal details remain confidential at all times. You can check out our Privacy policy on our website for more information, or feel free to get in touch if you need more info.

Will I be protected against chargebacks?

Yes, most of the time! The benefit of using the 24/7 is that every transaction billed through the 24/7 app requires a 2-factor authentication approval from the customer executed via SMS or QR code.
This means that fraudulent and dishonest chargebacks are tracks with a unique transaction ID to ensure disputes are resolved quickly and fairly.

Can I use 24/7 Billing anonymously?

Yes. When you sign up to 24/7 your details need to match what’s on your ID for security purposes (that’s Australian Law unfortunately), however you have total control over what your clients see. It’s up to you whether you choose to have your business name on your customer credit card
statements, or whether you’d prefer to remain unbranded and totally discreet. You can change this at any time.

Can I use 24/7 Billing in any business or industry?

Our users come from a variety of industries and specialties, including arts & entertainment, beauty services, hospitality, retail, trades, plus personal and professional services.
Our merchant facilities welcome and support all industries as long as they are considered legal in the country in which you operate. Our trusted systems guarantee your information is always kept safe and confidential.

I’m having trouble signing into the app.

If you’ve turned your phone off and on again and it’s still happening, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app.
If you’re still having issues signing in, contact our support team – support@247billing.co
Essentially, the 24/7 Billing app turns your phone into a portable point-of-sale terminal, meaning you can take credit card payments on the go.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered.

Our support team is available to help online or over the phone 7 days a week –

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