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Ever noticed how banks don’t support the little guys as much as the big ones? Even with something as simple as a credit card facility, they saddle small businesses with all sorts of fees and charges if they don’t meet minimum turnover criteria or other policies that are always changing. In fact, according to the Canstar 2018 machine fee data, small businesses can pay upwards of $4,800 per year in unnecessary fees and charges – and that’s just for having the facility.

The fact is, not everyone needs a merchant facility all the time. At 24/7 Billing, we get that. We support small businesses, even simple side-hustles that might only take a credit card payment once a week. With 2-factor authentication, daily payouts, no hidden fees, no setup fees or minimum transactions and no bulky equipment, our secure system is the answer to modern money. We’ve made it simple for these small businesses and sole traders to get paid and ultimately, you can too.

Recommending 24/7 Billing to your clients can create passive income for you and/or your company. As a partner, 24/7 Billing pays you up to 1% of the total your clients charge through the app. This commission comes from 24/7’s merchant fee, so don’t worry, your clients aren’t being charged twice. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

How easy is it to get started? It’s as simple as one, two, three…

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Get Started in Just Three Easy Steps

Step 1 : Fill In Our Simple Form

A simple contact form at the bottom of this page gives us all the information we need to get you started in being a partner with 24/7 Billing Co. We don’t need much from you, just a little about your company and where you’d like your money deposited.

Step 2: Receive Your Unique Client URL & Partner Pack Via Email

With the email address provided in the form, 24/7 Billing will send you a unique URL and your partner pack. The URL can then be sent to your clients to get started with 24/7 Billing. All they need to do is click on the link and download the app. Our system does the rest!

Step 3 : You’re In Business

Once your clients sign up and start getting paid, you start receiving your commission! Offering complete portability through a smartphone or device, your clients get paid anywhere, anytime.. and then you do too. Foolproof, secure and savvy, 24/7 Billing is the ideal way to add another passive income stream to your business.


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Our customers LOVE us.

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“24/7 made getting paid so simple! I had the money in my account the next day and it’s so easy being on my mobile!”​

– Nicole S.


”I feel safe with 24/7! The added security allows me to conduct my business worry free!”​

– Jasmin P.


“I was rejected by the banks but 24/7 made it so simple. They understand the need for a trusted payment system for any side hustle.”

​– Georgia L.


“It’s so easy to get started! I downloaded the app and was setup in 4 easy steps.”​

– Ava T.

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